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Student-Produced Resources

Minimal Impact Presentation

The following is a short critique for the usability of three resources developed by students in the Flinders University topic HLPE3532: Introduction to Education in Outdoor Environments.

Minimal Impact Infographic -Holli Rawson.png

Minimal Impact Camping resource

This infographic resource is a creative and impactful way to promote the Leave No Trace philosophy while in the outdoors. The infographic is designed to be printed on popular branded outdoor bottles which makes it accessible for beginner and experienced adventurers who may wish to take these principles with them on their trips, but also provides a useful resource for sharing this information with others while on their trip.

Clever promotion of philosophies, such as this make good conversation-starters, and may therefore lead to greater impact and reach than a traditional printed resource while remaining accessible in offline environments, which is often the case for outdoor adventures. Overall, this is a useful and creative presentation of valuable information. 

Preparation for a Bushwalk resource website

This website provides an overview of the key information required for planning a bush walk activity. The information on this site is suited to a bushwalking leader that may benefit from using the guidelines and summaries provided as a foundation to launch into further investigations and research to prepare for a trip. 

The website does not provide in depth or specific information and therefore should be used as a guide for further investigation only. 


Packing for a Bushwalk resource (click to download):

Packing for a Bushwalk - Teesha Angus_Page_1.jpg
Packing for a Bushwalk - Teesha Angus_Page_2.jpg

This brochure provides detailed information about how to best pack and fit a rucksack style pack for a bushwalking activity. The guide provides vital information for beginners but is also useful for more experienced walkers who may want to improve their packing and equipment distribution for increased performance while wearing their pack. 

I believe this information brochure is well designed, visually appealing and would be particularly useful in, for example, an outdoor shop or visitor information centre where customers will be accessing tools and equipment and will be interested in the kinds of activities that are relevant to the information being provided.

Downloadable Resources

Click on the icons below to download and view a resource for each of the topics covered in Assessment 1.

1. Packing for a Bushwalk

2. Preparation

3. Minimal Impact Camping

4. Weather

5. Hazards

6. First Aid in the Bush

7. Cooking

8. Tents

9. Outdoor Leadership

10. Local Indigenous Knowledge

Other Useful Resources

The following contains links to websites and resources that I have found useful and believe they provide foundational information for becoming a bushwalking leader and/or outdoor educator:

Survival First Aid: downloadable eBook

Outdoor Council of Australia: Australian Adventure Activity Standard document

Department for Education: Outdoor Learning Environments Standard document

Outdoor Education Australia Resources: website

Bushwalking SA: online resources

Leave No Trace: REI article

Basic Navigation Skills: Melbourne Bushwalkers website

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